Donnie Boroff

Dad Coach & Founder of Everdad Coaching

Hi! I am Donnie Boroff, a father of four boys (Lincoln, Jack, Aiden, and Mason) and husband to an amazing and beautiful wife (Anna) with a passion for dads – dads have an important place in our homes, community, and society. I truly believe in the power dads have in influencing their kids, marriage, and community.

On the one hand being a dad is challenging, frustrating, draining, (go ahead, insert a word).

Especially, when you only see three of your kids 50% of the time!

On the other hand being a dad is incredibly rewarding, fun, exciting…the list goes on!.

Like when they tell their mom/stepmom that she won’t get wet at all on the ride.

Besides raising four boys, I have a corporate job where I train, coach, and mentor new employees, existing employees, and leaders.

I grew up playing basketball and still play in a men’s league, which is a lot of fun, especially when the boys come and watch. The old man still has some game! I’m not that old, but the boys find it fun to call me “old man.” Being able to play basketball provides an excellent opportunity for me to step away and have some fun.

Besides valuing family, I also value continuous learning. I’m currently working on instilling this value in each one of the boys by assisting them with their homework and volunteering up at their school. Having a growth mindset is powerful, as it allows you to see the possibilities and opportunities. By continuously learning, I have obtained an associate’s degree in marketing/management, bachelor’s degree in finance, and master’s degree in industrial-organizational psychology. Also, I am a certified professional coach, energy leadership index master practitioner, and certified in conversational intelligence.

As dads, we have the opportunity to shape our kids and provide them with the necessary tools to have a positive impact on society. When we LOVE with all our heart, LIVE in the moment and show-up, and LEAD by serving, we can make a difference as dads.

I’m excited to connect with amazing dads, like you, and assist them in unlocking their potential as dads.

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