How will you change your life?

Man! I suck as a dad!

What the hell am I doing?

This was the conversation going on in my head as I faced an uncertain future.

I was raising my son on my own. I was going through a divorce. I wasn’t going anywhere in my career.

Internally I was angry, frustrated, and depressed. Bottom line I was pissed off.

Externally I was putting on a mask of having it all together. A mask of strength and confidence.

Then I woke up one morning. Unable to sleep. I laid there staring at the ceiling. When finally I hit myself upside the head with a 2×4 of F-this.

Enough of being the victim.

Enough of the negative self-talk.

Enough to accepting the myths about dads.

Enough to just standing by and not taking action.

It is time to…



And Evolve into the dad I want to be!

“If we are not careful, our future will simply be an extension of our past.”

Erwin Raphael McManus

Now, I’m not the only dad who has gone through hardships. Some of us have had some pretty shitty experiences. Experiences that have shattered how we view our self and the world around us.

Experiences that have us hanging from the edge of the cliff with just one hand or laying at the bottom of the ravine.

The question is…How can we get our other hand on the edge and pull ourselves back-up? Then once we have done that…How can we move away from the edge and towards the dad we want to be? Better yet…How can we keep ourselves for reaching the edge?

Get started now!

Everdad Coaching – Evolve Challenge

Now, this is no easy task! Through my own experiences and working with other dads. We have good intentions, only to fall back into the same old routine and habits. The same old shitty life.

We expect instant results.

We fail to see the bigger picture.

We fail to see the amount of time we actually have to spend on ourselves to truly evolve.

We fail to see how our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us impact us emotionally, mentally, and physically.

We fail to see the amount of commitment that will be needed to evolve and the level of commitment that will be necessary to create powerful relationships.

Bottom line…it takes work. Hard work to get where you want to go. If it were easy, then every guy would be the master of his world where he has the perfect job, marriage, and kids.

The thing is that there is no such thing as perfect. It is something you have made up in your mind. Perfection is a trap. It is something you will chase but never catch. A chase that will keep you from your life’s purpose, values, and relationships you hold close to your heart. It is what is leading you to the edge and ultimately over the edge.

So, here is my first challenge to you!

Choose the life you want! Choose the marriage you want! Choose the relationships with your kids you want! Choose the career you want! You already have everything you need inside of YOU!

Bottom line…the CHOICE is up to you!

If you take away anything from the message. I want you to understand that you have a CHOICE. A choice in how you show-up in your life.

You could walk away right now and transform your life with the simple understanding that you have a CHOICE.

Now, if you’re ready to put in the time and commitment. If you believe in the power, you already have inside you.

Then here is my second challenge to you!

This won’t be for everyone because let’s be honest. Some of us guys want shortcuts. We don’t want to put in the time, commitment or even believe that we have the power within ourselves to evolve. We would rather stay where we are…miserable, angry and pissed off that life has somehow cheated us.

The challenge is…Invest in yourself. By allowing me to assist you in your evolution as a dad. Take the next step and get your very own Dad Coach through the Everdad Coaching Evolve Challenge. A one of a kind experience where you can discover and explorer how you are showing up right now in your life. A place where you can get the support to move forward. A place where you will be held accountable for the actions you take and want to make in your life.

Are you willing to take responsibility for the life you have created?

Are you willing to put in the time that it will take to evolve?

Are you willing to commit to yourself?

Are you willing to believe in yourself?

If you’re sitting there saying “YES” to these questions. Then you’re ready for the next step in your evolution as an Everdad.

Here is my final question for you…

How will your life look once you have evolved into the dad you want to be?

Bottom line…The CHOICE is yours!

Get started now!

Everdad Coaching – Evolve Challenge

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Donnie Boroff, M.A., CPC, ELI-MP, C-IQ is a father of four boys and husband with a passion for dads. A Dad Coach and founder of Everdad. With a Master’s Degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology along with being a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, and Certified in Conversational Intelligence, he assists dads in exploring and discovering how they are showing up in their children’s lives.



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